Truth or Dare – Red Party Cup

QR-Cups Truth or Dare Edition! 

QR-Cups, Truth or Dare Edition, are your classic Red Party Cup with a twist. Get a group together, everyone grab a cup and circle around. Go around the the group taking turns scanning the QR-Code on the cup of whomever you choose. Or… just make it random. Give everyone at the party a cup, these party cups are the absolute best ice breaker!

Use the official QR-Cups App or any qr-code reader. Each scan will present a random Truth or Dare. Maybe it will be a dare for you, maybe it will be a truth for someone else, maybe it will be a truth or dare for the whole group!

A great adult drinking game and a new twist on the red college party cup. QR-Cups Truth or Dare Edition cups come in packs of 25 – 18oz cups. Each pack has a little instruction sheet with a few tips and each pack comes with fun guaranteed.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your QR-Cups Truth or Dare Cups:
– Scan the cup of someone else in the group, not your own cup.
– When choosing your spot in the group, try to position yourself between two people that you don’t mind getting a little physical with.
– Give everyone one ‘pass’ – the option to pass on a Truth or Dare once during the game.
– Have fun, be safe and read the disclaimer.




You can get the official QR-Cups App here:

For Android via Google Play

For iOS via iTunes (Note the iOS version is still pending approval, should be available any day now).